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Everyone should know more about their surroundings and the history behind the city they live in. The Spring Street Museum in downtown Shreveport is one of the oldest buildings the city has to offer,... more
Downtown Shreveport Museum Offers History Lessons Worth Visiting
Picture yourself surrounded by aquatic animals, with coral reefs of different colors, and a shark swimming right above your head. The aroma of salt water fills the air, the sound of stingrays... more
You have to SEA it to believe it
Imagine being able to experience a variety of cultures without having to leave your city. Every turn you make is a different culture with facts you may not have known.The Multicultural Center of the... more
Multicultural Center Offers Different Cultures Around Every Corner
People who enjoy history will be in for a treat when visiting Monroe-West Monroe. There, they will find the Biedenharn Museum & Gardens, which consists of three different exhibits: the Coke... more
Close your eyes. Imagine walking into a cool spot decorated with crafty, antique and rustic pieces of furniture. The colorful atmosphere promotes a sense of relaxation and hominess. The subtle aroma... more
Thursday, Nov. 30 marks the beginning of the holidays in Alexandria/Pineville, and kicks off the biggest holiday festival in town - AlexWinterFete! Festivities begin at 5 p.m.At AlexWinterFete, you... more
When final exams are done, and the holiday season rolls around, the students of north Louisiana colleges put down their books and catch up on quality time with their families. To help the students... more
Don’t get too cold while you’re shopping and enjoying the parade in downtown Minden on Dec. 9. Stop by the Broken Bean and get a drink that will keep your temperature high and your... more
Honor and respect were the two words that rang in my head during my visit to the Chennault Aviation & Military Museum in Monroe. The Freedom Trees ceremony was held on Veterans Day weekend. On... more
Vivian is a small, quiet town that kicks off the first weekend in December with a bang. You can go on a biblically-based Christmas tree tour, attend two Christmas festivals, and warm up with organic... more
I was in downtown Alexandria recently to experience A Very Merry Market, the first event of 2017 along the Louisiana Holiday Trail of Lights. It was a family friendly event that gave kids an... more
Items that are 20- to- 99-years-old are considered vintage, and items more than 100- years old are deemed an antique. You can find both in bulk at Antiques & Art on Main in Minden located at 700... more
Do something different this holiday season and take a road trip! It doesn’t matter who you bring along. You can gather your extended family, rally together your coworkers or round up your old... more
When I travel to Alexandria, I always stop at Eddie’s Smokehouse and Seafood. Eddie's offers delicious barbecue to keep you coming back. The first time I remember eating at Eddie’s... more
As parents, you want your children to have the best holiday experience possible. Christmas lights and parades are fun, but sometimes kids need to run around and burn a little energy. The Northeast... more
It’s almost time to start decorating your home with the trees and bells that help make Christmas so beautiful. This year, I decided to go to the Christmas Shop of Kaffie-Frederick General... more
The Louisiana Holiday Trail of Lights runs through eight different cities. Don’t visit them all on an empty stomach. Start off in West Monroe, and get a taste of Louisiana!If you know anything... more
The Louisiana Holiday Trail of Lights is a collection of experiences in north Louisiana. A quick video tour is sure to get you excited with all the exhilaration of fireworks in Natchitoches during... more
Shopping experiences are abundant along the Louisiana Holiday Trail of Lights.
Let’s get started planning the most amazing experiences for your group. The first thing you need to decide is how many days your group wants to experience the Louisiana Holiday Trail of Lights... more
Holiday Lights Safari and other attractions gear up for Christmas along the Louisiana Holiday Trail of Lights
There are fewer than two dozen weeks until Christmas. But you don’t have to wait until then to start planning your group’s holiday excursion.The Louisiana Holiday Trail of Lights is eight... more
Holiday home tours are popular along the Louisiana Holiday Trail of Lights.
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