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Christmas parade

Christmas parade

Top 5 Throws You're Likely to Catch at the Redneck Christmas Parade in West Monroe, LA

Think fast.



Roll into Monroe-West Monroe on the first weekend of December, and you’ll be in for a real treat. The Bawcomville Redneck Christmas Parade starts at 10 a.m. on December 7, and features jacked-up vehicles, tractors, four-wheelers, themed floats, fishing boats, and horses. The real prize are the throws because these aren’t normally what you’d find at a parade. They’ve got the usual candy, but wait, there’s more. Here are 5 unique things you could catch at the parade:



  1. Ramen/Mac and Cheese

Cancel your dinner plans, because you’ll be bringing home the bacon. This parade is kind of like your grandma in that they’ll make sure you get something to eat. Pro Tip: Use your ball cap to enhance your catching ability.


  1. Bologna/Sandwich Meat

Seriously you will not go hungry here. This parade is like going grocery shopping except you don’t move at all, and the food jumps right into your buggy. It’s way more fun.


  1. Toilet Paper

All of the essentials can be found at this parade, but they don’t stop there. The question isn’t IF you’ll catch toilet paper—it’s HOW. Several of the floats toss full, packaged rolls into the crowd, but if you’re lucky, you’ll witness a true testament to redneck ingenuity: the TP blower. This piece of hardware is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and from our best guess, it’s a leaf blower with a paint roller duct-taped to the end. A roll of toilet paper is attached to the roller, and the switch is flipped. This device blows strands of paper into the air, and the crowd. Goes. Wild.


  1. Big Toys

Lots of parades throw small, stuffed animals, but this one doesn’t skimp. Catch a large teddy bear or a large piece of fruit. Then instantly become the coolest in your friend group. We don’t make the rules, that’s just how this works.


  1. Anything on a Fishing Line

You’ll need your reflexes to be on point for this event in order to catch all of the great throws, but you’ll also have to face off against amateur anglers at this parade. With their fishing poles held high, they’ll dangle great prizes in front of you. Act quickly to beat the crowd! No hooks are involved, so you’ll be totally safe.



And that’s the sweet tea! Bring along plastic Wal-Mart bags to hold all of your goodies, and if you’ve got a cowboy hat in the closet, might as well bring that too. The truth is, you can never totally predict what the Bawcomville Redneck Parade will have in store, so come check it out and see what other wild items they’ll be throwing! Post up on Jonesboro Road between Smith Street and Tim Street. This parade rolls on December 7, 2019, at 10 a.m.


See y'all there!


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